Rock n Rollor

I cringe at some of my puns, so I take this opportunity to apologise for the title of this article. Thankfully, I will not have to apologise for its content.

Rollor have been around town for quite a few years now. I believe I crossed paths with them a couple of years ago myself, when in my old band. This said, I have to admit I have never really given them a good listen. Their new single ‘Jekyll Island’ may take a few plays, but trust me, it is a gem. Continue reading


Time For A T Break

Now, as I have mentioned on numerous occasions, the T in the Park line up this year looks excellent. The T Break stage alone will be featuring some of my favourite bands from in and around Glasgow. In saying this, please note that I am not, at all, disappointed, annoyed, ragin’ or down right PISSED OFF, that I do not have a ticket for this year’s event. I will just have to sit in and watch the highlights on my tele. After all, that’s just as good…..Right? *sobs loudly*. Continue reading




Its a beautiful sunny day out there. Here’s a few tracks from my summer playlist


Best Coast – Crazy For You

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The Dots Have Arrived!

Starting off life in the south side of Glasgow, this band was originally put together by bass player/vocalist Charlie Jones and lead guitarist/vocalist Raymond Quinn. In the early days, they were known as Black Shuck, and played music reminiscent of the likes of Free and Led Zeppelin.  In November 2009, after changing their drummer and dropping the numbers to a four piece, they became The Dots. Continue reading

Fatherson – ‘Hometown’

“We have it all figured out”, says Kilmarnock band, Fatherson, in their new single ‘Hometown’. I only recently got turned onto these guys, but, believe me, they DO have it all figured out! Continue reading

Death Letter Meets Purple Rhinestone Eagle

If space travel, mythical creatures and doom are three of your favourite things, then this band is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Purple Rhinestone Eagle, formed in Portland, Oregon, have taken over where Black Sabbath left off. With their ear raping riffs, sludgy tempo and psychedelic space rock undertones, this band is guaranteed to blow your mind straight into another galaxy.


How did each of you meet and start playing music together?

Andrea:  Morgan and I knew each other from back in our university days.  We went to different schools but we had mutual friends.  Anyways, we both ended up inPhiladelphia after that and we met Ashley at a potluck.  We heard she played the drums and asked her to jam with us.  After being a band for a while in Philly we all packed up and moved to the West Coast.  We live inPortland currently.

 Ashley: I started talking to Morgan at this potluck specifically because she was wearing an all girl summer fun band t- shirt. She said she had a drum kit in her basement so we naturally decided it would be a good idea to start a band.

Morgan:  What they say is true.  It’s not usually my style to invite people I barely know to play music with me, but something about Ashley must’ve seemed right… a decrepit railing almost ended our band before it started, it’s all worked out!

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My Parents Said We Can’t See Each Other Anymore…

This pop punk band from Glasgow has really put the teenage angst back into the genre. In an industry crawling with emotional, rock star wannabes, I find this quite refreshing. Their songs are fast and furious, with catchy vocals and rough recordings, staying true to the old school punk ethic. If, like me, you were the kid with ‘Nevermind’ blaring from their Walkman, then PAWS is the band for you.

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